No Reptiles

I got this tattoo last weekend. It’s not an attempt to openly display my hatred of snakes and lizards (snakes are cool I suppose – whatevs), but rather something that I’ve been planning on getting for a while to mark a period of positive change in my life.

I talked a bit in a previous post here about how making small lifestyle adjustments can add up to huge life changes, and I started making my changes in July 2015. The major change was quitting drinking, but then that brought a load of other positive by-products. You can go back and read about why I finally decided to quit here.


In June 2015, about a month before I quit drinking, one of my favourite bands – Everything Everything from Manchester – released their new album Get To Heaven. It’s not my usual chosen style of music, but I love the stuff these guys produce. The album provided the soundtrack to my newfound sobriety – and in particular the track ‘No Reptiles’ stuck out for me. It’s an awesome track that starts with minimalistic electronic drums, and swells into an epic sonic orchestral headbutt. The lyrics are cool and the music is cool – but for me it’s the sentiment that hits home, and the link to arguably the most important point in my life so far. The point where everything suddenly came in to focus.

The song is, according to what I’ve read, mainly about conspiracy theorists – specifically the nutjob theory that our world leaders are in fact huge lizards in disguise. But it also talks about self doubt – that it’s okay to feel useless as long as you don’t stop looking for your path in life. Something like that. I’m lucky enough to be in touch with the guy who wrote it so I might come back with an update if I’ve got this totally wrong.

Anyway, the important thing here for me is that I’ve given a marker to that point in my life. I’ve given it a proper acknowledgement, and the mark on my skin just serves as a reminder of it – to strengthen my resolve.

If I ever start drinking again, I’ll just make up a new story about the tat. I’ll say it was a tattoo I got in prison after single-handedly infiltrating and taking down a violent Colombian drug-trafficking gang known as The Reptiles, or something.

Have an awesome weekend. I’m off to see Rogue One and I can’t fucking wait.



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