Life In The Middle Lane

In my drinking days life was a series of massive highs and massive lows. The highs were my turbo-mental weekends – the parties, nights out, ace music, dancing like a twat, camaraderie, laughing till the early hours – all held together by the booze. The lows were the working week, made much worse, excruciatingly so, by the hangovers, paranoia, and lack of sleep. Continue reading

Tipping Point

By ‘tipping point’ I mean ‘lightbulb moment’ – the point at which you decide that enough is enough, and it’s time to knock drinking on the head for good.

In fact i’m going to call it ‘shitebulb moment’, because usually a decision to quit drinking is preceded by a bad thing happening. Punching your stepmother for example. Continue reading


I’ve known Seaweed for a lot of years now. We were always part of the same little punk/rock┬áscene, in the same little West Yorkshire town, hanging around in the same little pubs.

He has an immense beard.

A life connected to any kind of active ‘scene’ is generally a life connected to a drinking culture. It’s just the way it goes – these whole social scenes are booze-centric – and why not?

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7 Tips To Quit The Booze

Here’s the stuff that worked for me, in no particular order:

1. “Play the tape to the end”
For me, this is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal, and the idea is really simple. Before you open that first drink you need to visualise the way you will feel waking up tomorrow – hungover, nasty headache, skint, paranoid, shaky, eaten lots of shitty food, said inappropriate things, got naked and tried to fight a bus driver, etc.. – all of the things that are likely to happen if you neck that beer. Anyone reading this probably knows that it NEVER stops at one drink (unless you’re on the wrong website. maybe you were looking for Sexypunks or Soberpimps or something?). Being realistic about the outcome is the best motivation for not starting. I’ve used this method countless times over the last 12 months.

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