Coming Out

What’s scarier than finding out your mum has been reading your recovery blog, full of nasty stories about what a twat you’ve spent your whole life being?


But it’s cool. I spoke to her on the phone, and the good news is she supports the blog and understands why I write it. There was the initial jolt of HOLYFUK MY SON IS A MONSTER CALL THE FIRE PEOPLE AND THE ZOO KEEPER AND A PRIEST AND EVERYONE WHAT HAVE I DONE WHAT HAVE I DONE but it’s fine. Continue reading


SoberPunks T-shirts Now Available

Support your favourite sweary booze blog by buying one of these smashing t-shirts, available in either black with white print, or white with black print. I’m currently only stocking Small / Med / Large / XL – but drop me a message if you need other sizes.

OI LISTEN MATE – Free postage is UK only. If you’re abroad then feel free to buy a shirt, but please send an extra £4 to cover the extra shipping costs.
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