SoberPunks Interview: Dylan Kerr, Pete Doherty’s On-Tour Addiction Counsellor

To keep me on the straight-and-narrow, especially in my first year of sobriety, I did a LOT of reading. Books, blogs, news articles… anything that would help me better understand alcoholism and the ways to win the battle. I often got in touch with the authors to say thanks for the inspiration or whatever, and it’s through that act of connecting with other people that I realised the importance of sharing and support in tackling booze issues. This is also what spurred me on to start writing, which is why I created SoberPunks, and it’s in the spirit of connecting with other people, with booze addiction as common ground, that I ended up chatting online to Dylan Kerr. Continue reading

Drink Driving Is Fun!

Okay, that was probably an irresponsible choice of title for the blog. I’m just trying to reel readers in with SHOCK and sensationalism. I’d sell my granny for 1000 page clicks (nb: she’s dead).

Actually, bad as it sounds, I think once upon a time I did quite enjoy drink driving. It’s not something I’m proud of. One particular incident stands out for me, waaaay back around Y2K (I’m so TREND that it hurts). I was at a party in Dewsbury, fully intending to sleep over at the hosts gaff, when a huge venomous argument erupted. I was over half a bottle of vodka into my night already, and so I don’t even remember what we argued about, but it ended with me throwing my toys out of the pram and marching out towards my little red Fiesta, 70cl Smirnoff bottle still in-hand. I slammed on my Pantera cassette (Vulgar Display Of Power for you rock fans), and squealed off into the night.

Continue reading

SoberPunks Interview: Mike Hodsall From Legendary Punk Band D.O.A.

In order to keep things spicy and exciting at SoberPunks, I’m going to be writing all future blogs from seedy hotel rooms whilst wearing cheap slutty lingerie.

Not really. I’m going to be interviewing interesting characters in the world of sobriety, or at least people with something to say about it, and publishing the interviews here for you set of bastards. Continue reading