Booze Makes You Fat

It’s true. It’s one thing about drinking that is never disputed. Alcohol contains calories, and if you stop drinking then you will probably lose weight – unless you replace the booze with cakes and soft drinks. Continue reading

Go Hard Or Go Home

Today’s blog is more of a pondering, based on recent thoughts about the type of person that may be predisposed to ‘enthusiastic drinking’.

After I stopped drinking, I quickly learned that I have a 2 very distinct traits:

  1. I’m impatient. If I decide I want or need something, then I want it NOW. I’m not good at waiting for things. This manifests itself massively when it comes to my car. If I sense something is off – for example the steering is pulling to one side – then I’ll hunt down the garage with the nearest availability to fix it, and I won’t drive that fucker in the meantime unless completely necessary. e.g. to get to work.
  2. If I do something then I’ll do it properly and with gusto, otherwise what’s the point? If I’m going to make music then it has to be the LOUDEST, if I’m going to watch a violent movie then it has to be the MOST VIOLENT MOVIE, and if I’m going to order a steak it’s going to be a GODDAMN MASSIVE FILLET STEAK.

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Were you really that bad Jon?

As I’ve mentioned before, I was never someone you’d probably describe as a classic alcoholic. I wasn’t a weekday drinker (or at least not for the last 6 or 7 years), and I’ve never ‘needed’ booze – not until I got started on a Friday night anyway. From that point I held it close right up until Sunday bedtime. But then I wouldn’t touch a drop until the following Friday. Continue reading

Milestones & Mutations

In my day-to-day job I’m a Project Manager for a technology company, so planning is pretty much my bread and butter – and most proper plans will have key milestones along the way to mark the completion of significant tasks or events. Don’t worry, this blog isn’t gunna be about Project Management methodologies or whatever. There’s a tenuous link to boozing… Continue reading