Boomtown Fair

I found out last week that my ridiculous techno-punk band Petrol Bastard has got a slot at this year’s Boomtown Fair, which is a huge music and arts festival held every year near Winchester, and attended by around 60,000 people. This is very cool – but also brings mixed feelings. Oh the fun I’d be having at Boomtown if I was still drinking… Continue reading

That Time I Shat Myself In Huddersfield

When you have a drinking problem, you don’t just have a couple of drinks and then stop. That’s kind of what a drinking problem is. This means that whatever your choice of drink is – you are going to drink it in a substantial quantity. Anything taken in huge quantities – even healthy stuff like fruit – is going to have some sort of effect on your stomach. This seems to be especially true with pints of beer – whenever else would you even consider drinking 10 pints of the exact same liquid?? The effects are unlikely to be good. I found this out the hard way.

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