Life Is A Shitty Pizza

…or at least, life is a shitty pizza when you can’t control your drinking. When you stop drinking – life is a really awesome pizza.

I’m evidently not the best at coming up with analogies. Allow me to explain…

When you are a problem drinker, your life will always have a proportion of chaos. This chaos manifests itself as blackouts, missed appointments, problems at work, bad decisions, unnecessary arguments, bad relationships, and money worries. In a world of chaos you’re probably going to make a pretty shitty pizza. Your base will be a stupid shape, you’ll forget ingredients (you idiot), and you’ll probably get the passata all down your trousers. You’ll settle for bad quality toppings, like beans and processed ham from a packet. All of these small parts, pulled together in chaos, will finally produce a totally shitty pizza. Continue reading