How To Punch 2018 In The Face

Last year, just before New Years Eve, I wrote a blog post called How To Grab 2017 By The Balls which talked about getting the best out of the new year by STOPPING DRINKING and STARTING RUNNING. This year, based on my experiences over 2017, my flaky advice for making 2018 your bitch is as follows:

  1. Find something new to be passionate about
  2. Do stuff that scares you

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Punk In Drublic

I read a lot of stuff about quitting drinking, especially blog posts and stuff shared on social media about people’s own experiences of trying to quit. One thing that pops up quite a lot seems to be negative pressure; friends and family trying to convince the quitter that their problem isn’t really that bad, and that they should stop all this silliness and just have a drink like everyone else. This has NEVER happened to me, which must be a testament to the awesome company I keep. Man, if a friend tried to convince me that I was in the wrong for choosing to dodge the booze, or tried to guilt me in to getting drunk with them, I would have no choice but to stand tall and do the manly thing. I’d secretly pay someone to hit them for me.

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Simon Pegg Made Me Punch Cinderella’s Carriage

Well, sort of. I played a gig a few years back down on the south coast of England. Or was it Wales? I don’t remember the name of the place, but it was when I was living up in Huddersfield and I remember the journey taking six or seven hours. It was in that fuzzy phase at the height of Petrol Bastard‘s hardcore gigging and drinking career – which meant that most weekends found us in a different city, and every weekend found me drunk off my bonce – gig or no gig. Continue reading

Sorry For The Radio Silence 

It’s been a ridiculous few weeks for me at work, and outside of that I’ve been working on a new album which is due to be released in the next couple of weeks (check out my rubbish band PETROL BASTARD). I’ve also been wedding planning, gigging, visiting the fam up north, and I managed to nail my first experience of proper outdoor climbing. Holy shit I never realised it would involve having to choose between ramming my hands into wet crevices and spider webs, or taking painful falls to certain (not actual) death.  Continue reading