Today’s blog isn’t directly about quitting drinking – although it does sit comfortably in the “something I wouldn’t have bothered trying if I was still drinking” category….

Huel was introduced to me by my band mate Ben (see here for my blog about my musical movements). Whilst my focus for the last year or so has been on losing a bit of weight and getting fit, Ben has been focusing on getting heavier. He’s a pretty hefty lad these days, especially compared to the skinny bastard I first met 10 years ago, but for him it’s not about the image – it’s about how much he can lift in the gym. His target daily calorie intake is around 6000 calories – and using Huel is a good way of controlling this intake, whether you’re looking to gain weight or lose weight. You use a calculator to workout how much you need to maintain / lose / increase your weight. Ben used Huel to increase calorie intake by drinking it between proper meals (and daily ENTIRE jars of peanut butter). His parps are rank. Incidentally he’s now stopped using Huel, as he’s found other options for quicker gains. Continue reading