The 6 Types Of People You’ll Meet When You Go Sober

When you go sober, and people find out that you’re sober, there are a veritable multitude of responses you’re likely to get. A smorgasbord, if you will. Some people won’t give a shit. Others may look at you like you’re one of those monkeys at the zoo that starts furiously wanking or flinging poo.

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Quitting Booze Successfully: A Paradoxical Wanky Climbing Analogy

It’s now been a month since I had my balls mangled, and everything is pretty much back to normal down there. I’ve got a couple of empty cups at home that need spunking in and emptying into a post box for a doctor to taste (“mmm yes that tastes lovely, and I’m glad to report it’s sperm free”), but that’s not due until September.

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